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Life is short, don’t waste it being sad πŸ’š

Life is short, don’t waste it being sad πŸ’š

I looked myself in the mirror closely today after a long time and couldn’t believe how last year changed me completely, a pale, tired, and unrecognizable self of me scared me honestly. All these years went by so quickly, and I did not realize my transformation from a chirpy, rebellious, outspoken girl to a mature, responsible, and reserved woman.

I smiled and said to myself Age doesn’t define me but a strand of grey hair and wrinkles on my face tells the story of my life. Those fine lines aren’t small imperfections or the beginning of the end, but a manifestation of all the amazing lessons I have learned in all these years, be it through victory, defeats, responsibilities, manipulations, accomplishments, disasters, and so much more, perhaps easy to say that everything that has added up to who I am today. I am not afraid or uncomfortable with the fine lines, crow’s feet, or grey hair because they speak about the silent chapters and unsaid stories of my life. So rather than spending crazy money on expensive face creams that probably don’t even do all that much, I consider taking a step back and working on my β€œSelf-esteem” and being β€œHappy” with the choices I have made in my life.

Once you become more responsible, you will indeed age faster, in your mind first πŸ™‚ so don’t be weary comparing yourself, just smile and celebrate the little achievements in life, the happiness of being with your loved ones, and most imp, patting yourself for never giving up.

Embrace yourself, you cannot stop aging or reverse it, but the true beauty is within you, your character, your soul, and your true self. And you know what’s my biggest award? I have earned loyal and caring relationships in my life which money cannot buy πŸ’š

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